How to Sell Garage in GTA 5 Online, And Other Properties

How to Sell Garage in GTA 5 Online, And Other Properties –┬áIs it possible? Of course you can. Here’s how to sell garages on GTA Online and other types of properties.

In the GTA 5 game, Rockstar provides a garage for players to store their vehicles. Unfortunately every existing garage has a space limit to store the number of cars or motorbikes. As a result, many players want to buy another garage that can store more vehicles.

For those of you who are confused about how to sell a garage in GTA 5 Online. Here Gameaku will explain how to sell properties in GTA online. Whoa! Is it possible, min, to sell property in GTA Online? Yes, Gaess. Therefore, please read this article carefully to the end.

How to Sell Garage in GTA 5 Online

how to sell garage in gta 5 online and other properties

You need to know beforehand that Rockstar provides a limit of six properties that can be owned by each GTA Online player. You are free to buy any type of property such as garages, houses, apartments, clubhouses or other business properties. However, even though you only get a share of six properties, it doesn’t mean that if you already have 6 properties, you can’t buy other garages. Read More: How to Use Director Mode in GTA 5 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

But min, we don’t sell property in GTA Online. Yes, it’s true. Then how do you sell a garage in GTA Online? So it’s like this, Gaess. Currently, it is true that Rockstar does not provide an option for its players to sell garages, houses, apartments and any property in GTA Online. However, Rockstar provides an option where we can exchange one of the properties we have for a new property. Read More: How to Play Stocks in GTA 5 PS3 and PS4 Offline, Auto Rich!

If the new garage that we are going to buy has a selling value that is more expensive than the garage we have, then we have to add the difference from the price of the garage. On the other hand, if the new garage we are going to buy is cheaper than the garage we have. Then we will benefit from the purchase of the new garage.

That’s how to sell a garage in GTA Online. You need to remember, Gaess. That selling property in GTA can only be done for garage and apartment properties, yes, Gaess. Read More: Easy Ways How to Install GTA 5 on Android, 100% Successful & No Root!