Gang Names in GTA 5 + Their Location, COMPLETE!

Gang Names in GTA 5 + Their Location, COMPLETE! – Want to know the name of the GTA 5 gangster? This is complete information about the name of the gang and its location in GTA 5.

Gangsters or gangs are mandatory elements in the Grand Theft Auto series, including in the GTA 5 series. Each gang in GTA 5 has its own characteristics. Some are dressed in green, purple, yellow, and many more.

Of the many gangster or gang members in GTA 5, maybe you are curious about the names of the GTA 5 gangs. Instead of being curious, Gameaku will discuss all the names of the GTA 5 gangs complete with locations to find them.

Gang Names in GTA 5

1. The Families

gang names in gta 5 and their location

For the name of the GTA 5 gang, this one must be familiar. The Families gang has been famous since the GTA San Andreas series. This gang is characterized by green clothes, and Franklin is one of the members of The Families gang.

The Families have several names based on the area they control. Namely Chamberlain Gangster Families (CGF), Forum Drive Families (FDF), Carson Avenue Families (CAF), Davis Neighborhood Families (DNF). The location for The Families gang is at Chamberlian Hills, Forum Drive, Strawberry, Davis & Carson Avenue. Read More: This is How to Modify Car Neon Light in GTA 5, Easy!

2. Ballas

The next GTA 5 gang name is Ballas. This gang is characterized by purple clothes, and they are the eternal enemies of the The Families gang. To find the location of the Ballas gang, please go to Grove Street, Davis. Or the area Franklin’s garage is in. Ballas gang members consist of D, Stretch, Little T, Small F, Terrance, Darnell Stevens and many more.

3. Los Santos Vagos

gang names in gta 5 and their location

Los Santos Vagos is the name of one of the GTA 5 gangs which is a collection of Mexicans residing in the Rancho area. This gang is marked with a yellow clothing attribute. Many players are not aware that they have dealt with the Vagos gang in one of the GTA 5 missions called Repossesion. This mission is at the beginning of the gameplay where Franklin and Lamar are surrounded by gang members and ends with Franklin getting a green motorbike.

4. Varios Los Aztecas

Just like the Vagos, the Aztecas are also a gang that you can find in the area around Rancho and Blaine County. This is a multigenerational gang from the 60s. Therefore you will see some old Aztecas gang members.

You’ve also dealt with a member of the Aztecas gang on Mr. mission. Philips and Trevor Philips Industries. On this mission Trevor managed to kill one of the members of Artecas named Ortega. Read More: How to Play Stocks in GTA 5 PS3 and PS4 Offline, Auto Rich!

5. The Lost MC

The Lost MC or what we usually know as the motorcycle gang. This gang is the mortal enemy of Trevor’s character. The Lost MC gang previously appeared centered in Liberty City GTA 4. In GTA 5, this gang is said to have moved to San Andreas to do business.

To find this one gang is quite easy, Gaess. You just need to go to the area around Trevor’s house, namely Stab City, Hookies and Paleto Bay.

6. Madrazo Cartel

gang names in gta 5 and their location

Maybe this one gang is more of Martin Madrazo’s men than a group of gang kids. The Madrazo Cartel is a collection of Mexican mafia and criminal organizations. You can only find this gang at Martin Madrazo’s house, La Fuenta Blanca. Read More: Here’s How to Get Unlimited Money in GTA 5, Without Cheats & MOD

7. Los Santos Triads

The name of the GTA 5 gang contains a Chinese criminal organization chaired by Wei Cheng. At the end of the GTA 5 mission, Franklin is tasked with killing Wei Cheng. In addition, you can also find Triads in the DLC Diamond, Casino & Resort. Members with Triads are located in the Little Seoul area.

8. Marabunta Grande

This GTA 5 gang member is a bit unique, Gaess. You won’t see them during the day. Alias ​​you can only find them at night. This is because they are nocturnal in the Vespucci Beach & Sewer area.

The hallmark of this gang is a light blue bandana and all members of this gang have tattoos all over their bodies. Maybe you also don’t realize that you have dealt with the Marabunta Grande gang on the Father & Son mission. On this mission, they managed to steal Michael’s boat. Read More: Easy Ways How to Install GTA 5 on Android, 100% Successful & No Root!

9. O’Neil Brother

For the name of the GTA 5 gang, this one must also be familiar, right? The O’neil Brothers are a business rival group for Trevor’s character. In GTA 5 gameplay, you will be faced with even one mission that requires you to burn the O’neil Brother headquarters.

10. Armenian Mob

gang names in gta 5 and their location

Unfortunately there is not much information revealed about this member of the GTA 5 gangster or gang, Armenian Mob. What is clear for you is that you can find the Armenian Mob in the dumping area of ​​trucks, buses, or tanks in La Puerta under the Flyover.

11. Kkangpae

The gangs in the GTA 5 series are not just a collection of African-Americans or Chinese. There is also a group of Koreans in Los Santos called the Kkangpae. You can find the Kkangpae gang in Little Seoul, or at the same location as the Triads gang. Read More: Tips and Tricks to How Get a Girlfriend in GTA 5 Without Missions, Works!

12. Redneck

The name of the twelfth GTA 5 gangster or gang is Rednecks. The Rednecks are located in Blaine County or near Trevor’s house, Sandy Shores. You deal with the Rednecks in one of Trevor’s Stranger and Freaks Rampage.

13. Hippies

gang names in gta 5 and their location

Hippies are members of the GTA 5 gang, Gaess. This member is very obsessed with the existence of aliens or UFOs. To find members of the Hippies gang, please go to Beam Meup and Trailer Park, RON Alternates Wind Farm. Read More: 2 Best Option To Build Diluc Character in Genshin Impact

That’s the name of the gang in GTA 5. How? Are you satisfied because you already know all the names of the GTA 5 gangsters? Maybe the next thing you guys will do is look for every member of the gang in GTA 5 right? Hehehe.